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We appreciate your visiting Guidon, Inc. We represent a team of talented professional with diverse backgrounds in consulting, marketing, sales, and Internet technology. While helping companies utilize web-based resources was the original core concept for your company, we have found our greatest contribution is helping companies expand their capabilities using a variety of tools including strategic planning, the Internet, and quality presentation materials.

Some specific projects that have integrated our capabilities:
On-line scheduling program for 300 employees assigned to 100 different locations
Home builder on-line center with floor plan, options, and pricing
Engineered pipeline product sold internationally
On-line brochure for thriving party planning company

The possibilities for integrating Guidon, Inc. to enhance your business are limitless, but here are some of our more popular events:
Business Plan Development
Marketing Brochures
Magazine Advertisements
PowerPoint Presentations
Web Site Development
On-line Sales and E-commerce
Strategic Planning
Infomercials and On-line Videos

Let Guidon, Inc. be part of the team that takes your business to the next level.

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